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Frequently asked questions about auto rates:

1. I deliver pizza .Does my personal auto insurance cover me while I am driving for the pizza company?  

NO. A personal auto policy is designed for personal use only.  

2. I am a carpenter and drive my vehicle to work or the job site every day. I carry my tools with me. Does my personal auto policy cover me? What about my tools?  

Yes it will if you have been charged for business use and there are NO logos on your personal vehicle. If you have company logos on your personal vehicle you need to purchase a COMMERCIAL VEHICLE program. Your tools are an extension of business property and would not be covered.    

3. I traded vehicles or I purchased a car to add to my program last night. Am I covered?

Yes but only the like coverages that have already purchased would transfer up to 30 days from the purchase date. You have that long to let your insurance company know about the change request.   

4. I have other drivers residing in my home.  Is it ok to allow them to use my auto?  

Licensed drivers who live in your household must be listed as drivers on your policy and paid for to be covered or must be specifically excluded by your signature. Licensed drivers who do not live with you but have your permission to use your auto are covered unless specified differently by your policy language.    

5. Are my aftermarket body, wheels, video and audio items covered?

Unless specifically listed as additional items and charged for the base policy will cover the cost of factory installed items depreciated for actual cash value only. We recommend you discuss this with your FOCUS agent.





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