·        Frequently asked questions about claims:


1. How long should I expect the claims process to take?


If you report the claim today it will be assigned the same day to an adjuster who will contact you and make arrangements to see your auto typically within 72 working hours of your original call. SEVERE weather can cause the occasional delay. Some insurance companies are faster than that. See our 24/7 help page for your company’s toll free 24 hour reporting phone number .Stolen auto claims take 30 days to settle if the auto is NOT recovered. 


 2. Do I need a police report to file a claim?


No. It is advice of this agency that you have a police report taken if at all possible to protect your interests regardless of who is at fault.


 3. How long do I have to report a claim?


All claims regardless of fault should be reported immediately but most policies require a maximum of 30 days .Consult your policy for details.