Frequently asked questions about auto rates:


1. Based on price and service when should I change insurance companies?


Typically if we can save a customer 10% or more and improve service or coverage we recommend that you switch companies. There is value in longevity and suggest you take that into consideration when making a purchase decision.


2. Why does car insurance cost so much?


There are several factors involved, where you live, how old you are, single-married status, driving history, claims history and auto type .If any one of these tends to be out of line that can contribute to high rates. Credit history and continuous coverage are very important to maintaining a low price but overall losses incurred control what happens you get a quote. The past few years poor weather conditions and increased density of population are primary factors.


3. What does credit have to do with insurance rates?


Most major insurance companies now use some type of credit model to rate with and they do so because loss history shows that you are more likely to have a loss if your credit history is not good. This does seem unfair but it appears that as long as the data can be used legally the carriers will do so.