Frequently asked questions about cancellation and reinstatement procedures:


1. I keep receiving cancellation notices and reinstatement notices and I always pay. Why?


Insurance companies are required to give a 5 day grace before charging any late fees and a 10 day notice of intent to cancel if monies are not paid on or BEFORE the due date. The best way to stop those is put your account with a carrier that offers automatic checking drafts. Or pay your premium in full .That can be much less expensive as you are avoiding fees and most our carriers allow BIG discounts for paying in full.


2. I have been cancelled. May I be reinstated?


That depends on the reinstatement guidelines for each company. They are different for each one. Please refer to our 24/7 help page for your particular company .If you need additional help AFTER you have contacted the payment department for your selected carrier please CONTACT US immediately and your agent will assist you in reinstating or rewriting you a new program.